melissa boldridge, bs
lab research technician

After graduating from Harvard, Melissa joined the Meadows Lab in 2014 and paved the way for future lab techs and for the lab in general with her superb organization and protocol testing. Also known for her baking skills, Melissa made the best peanut butter fudge brownies known to man. 

Favorite piece of lab equipment:

Favorite place at Tulane:


chandler "bing" young, bs
undergraduate researcher

Chandler was the first undergraduate to join the Meadows Lab, and the first one given a nickname - Chandler "Bing", inspired by the show Friends. Chandler graduated from Tulane in 2017. 



katie huang, bs
laboratory technician

Joining the lab in 2015 after graduating from LSU in Biochemistry, Katie was a lab research technician for the Meadows Lab for 2.5 years. Katie provided the lab with ultimate frisbee lessons and Pusheen stickers. 

Favorite piece of lab equipment: the confocal microscope 

Favorite place at Tulane: the 4th floor Israel balcony